Presents the 2013

The 2013 Pirates of Lanier poker run was "the most fantastic boat poker run ever held" We heard this from so very many people, and we are so grateful for the support of the children.


This year we had so many great sponsors as well, who are so instrumental in helping us help the children.

In case you missed it, on Friday night one of our wonderful participants was so very kind and donated $50,000 to help the children. Click on the image below to view his fantastic boat

Our goal this year was to raise over $300,000 for the children in need in our area and we think we came very close. More to come.....


Best Poker Hand - $5000 - Jarrett Gorlin
Second Best Poker Hand - $2500 - Ken Armstrong
 Third Best Poker Hand - $1000 - Mitch Blalock

Each and every one of the winners gave the money back for the children!!!


Trophies for:

The Best Decorated Boat - Boat Captain -Marian Reed
The Best Dressed Crew - Boat Captain - Pat McGrath
The Most Patriotic Boat - Boat Captain - Ryan Brown
Worst Dressed Crew - Boat Captain - Kristin Doherty

And Plaques for
The Best Dressed "Pirate" - Boat Captain - Jonathan Javetz
The Best Dressed "Wench" - Boat Captain - Jeannie St John
The Best Dressed "Wee" Pirate - Boat Captain - Martin Feigen
 The Longest Distance Traveled - Blain Hanson - Perth, Australia



Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2013 event and helped us support the kids!
The Board of Directors of Lanier Partners of North Georgia Inc.